Following the 2016 election, the coverage and service gains made by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were put in jeopardy.  Efforts on Capitol Hill to repeal and replace the ACA should be informed by the decades of progress the Bazelon Center has made in reforming health systems and expanding access to needed mental health services.  The Bazelon Center continues our efforts to ensure that any healthcare reform takes into account the needs of people with mental illness.

The Bazelon Center has always known that working in coalition with other organizations on crucial issues can be the most effective way to amplify and strengthen our advocacy message. This is especially the case for such fundamentally important issues as healthcare reform and the Bazelon Center staff serve as leading voices and substantive experts for the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities and other coalition work on this important issue.  Through our coalition work, the Center joins more than 100 other disability and rights organizations seeking to preserve the rights of individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

On this page you will find a collection of letters, alerts and other resources on healthcare reform.