Life in the Community

Welcome to our new series, Life in the Community, where we journey into the lives of nine individuals who have lived in long term institutions, but have learned to take control of their own lives by using services and supports that the Bazelon Center advocates for. Along with these narratives there are two newsletters describing more detail about services and strategies that help those with mental illnesses regain their confidence and independence. The news letters are broken up into two parts:

The first part discusses a core set of cost-effective and evidence-based services that help people with serious mental illness succeed while living in their own homes and communities, and describes strategies used in some states to facilitate large-scale expansions of these services to transition people from long-term institutionalization to community settings.

The second part includes a set of personal stories that explore the lives of individuals who spent extensive time in institutions, but eventually transitioned to living in their own homes in their own communities. These narratives provide important personal perspectives on the experience of transitioning after long-term institutionalization and what individuals have found helpful as they integrated into the community.

Use the links below to view each article.