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Vol. XII, No. 5, March 25, 2014

To Blaze Their Own Trails

In This Issue:


Advocates continue to gain ground on ensuring equality, opportunity, and full lives in the community for people with mental disabilities. This progress is evident in the recent court approval of the model settlement we achieved in our New York case, not to mention another major settlement advocates secured in New Hampshire. President Obama, meanwhile, issued an executive order that raises the minimum wage and, for the first time, prohibits subminimum wages (legal for people with disabilities in certain situations, like sheltered workshops) in new federal contracts for services. 

Despite these and other advances covered in this issue of The Reporter, Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) continues to press his regressive legislation, H.R. 3717. This bill would turn the clock back 30 years on the progress our country has made in creating comprehensive community mental health services and supports, and in ensuring people’s privacy rights and legal protections. Not enough lawmakers are paying attention to the details of this bill. You can help us change that.

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