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Campus Mental Health Guide
Know Your Rights!

Size 32 pages
Campus Mental Health Guide Know Your Rights!
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The guide was developed by the Leadership21 Committee of the Bazelon Center. As the committee explains in presenting the guide:

"Some of us have had direct experience with mental health problems and know first-hand how little information is available that is tailored specifically to the needs of students like you. Although mental illnesses are extremely challenging, they are treatable, and people recover every day. We hope the information in this guide will enable you to find and use mental health resources on your campus and to safeguard your rights."

Sections of the guide discuss where to go for help, on campus or off, and what to expect, including privacy of mental health information and reasonable accommodations; issues of discipline and involuntary leave of absence; and students' rights in hospitalization and treatment. 

Purchase the printed booklet (shipping is included) or download a PDF.

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