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In the Driver's Seat

An Advocate's Guide to Self-Directed Mental Health Care
Explains how self-directed care works in the arena of public mental health care and offers strategies and tactics to advocate for its adoption. The text offers an in-depth look at the components and financing of this new approach to the delivery of recovery-oriented public mental health services. (2008) More Info

Power in Planning

Self-Determination Through Psychiatric Advance Directives
Pocket folder and a sample form to create an advance directive for mental health care and documents discussing the use of psychiatric advance directives. (2003) More Info

Moving On

Federal Programs to Assist Transition-Age Youth with Serious Mental Health Conditions
Myriad federal programs can address the wide range of needs of youth with serious mental health conditions who are transitioning into adulthood. In this November 2008 update, the Bazelon Center identifies 56 programs, run by 20 or more different agencies in nine departments of the federal government. More Info
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