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113th Congress

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 The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law supports H.R. 4574, the Strengthening Mental Health in Our Communities Act.  This bill puts the focus of mental health reform where it belongs: on the gaps in community-based services that cause many thousands of people with serious mental illnesses to experience crises, become homeless, or endure needless institutionalization or incarceration due to the unavailability of needed help.

 Read the Bazelon Center's support letter for H.R. 4574 here

 Read the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Civil Rights Taskforce's support letter for H.R. 4574 here


H.R. 3717

Rep. Tim Murphy’s (R-PA) mental health legislation flies in the face of the federal government’s efforts to promote community integration, and would send mental health systems decades backward. H.R. 3717 would destroy the main system of legal representation for Americans with psychiatric disabilities, would strip away privacy rights, would incentivize needless hospitalization and civil rights violations, and would redirect federal funds from effective, voluntary community services to high-cost, forced treatment, including involuntary outpatient commitment.

 In partnership with other disability groups, the Bazelon Center drafted a detailed press statement addressing Rep. Murphy’s H.R. 3717 available here.

Members of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities also expressed concerns in a letter available here

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